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Aikya Academy of Advanced Embryology

Having 10 Years of Experience

Aikya Academy is committed to providing advance Embryology courses. We have been providing innovative and efficient infertility education to our students with better placement assistance.

We are experts in providing advance IVF Training Courses where you can learn complete knowledge for setting up Lab. The training provides the most up-to-date comprehensive training and clinical application for IVF.

We have structured various advance training courses for:


Advance Andrology


Advance Andrology and Embryology


Advance ICSI


Embryo Biopsy

Aikya Academy of Advanced Embryology

Who's An Embrologist?

Embryologists are the clinical scientist most commonly work with physicians to assist their patients with reproductive health issues and clinical research. Clinical embryologists are responsible for retrieving eggs, assisting with in vitro fertilization, maintaining clinical records and running tests on eggs. They often work in hospitals and fertility clinics, but may also perform laboratory work or seek posts in academia.

How can I become an embryologist in India?

To enter Embryology, one has to complete a B.Sc in biological science, followed by M.Sc in life science or MBBS doctors and BHMS, Etc.

Our Staff

Dr. Chandan

Scientific Director & Chief Embryologist

Dr. Sunil Eshwar

Clinical Director & Fertility Specialist

Dr. Smrithi D Nayak

Senior Fertility Specialist - Obstetrician,
Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Ms. Manisha Sanjay

Center Head

What sets Aikya apart from the rest?

Structured Programs

Interactive training

Clinical Knowledge imparted

Consistent quality training

Highly experienced faculty


Aikya Academy of Advanced Embryology

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Aikya Academy of Advanced Embryology

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